Baba Ijebu Result Today | Monday, 14-08-2024

Baba Ijebu result today Monday, 14-08-2024 is out. On this page you will find the real Baba Ijebu result for today and yesterday for free.

Are you interested in figuring out how to check the Baba Ijebu results? You have navigated your way to the right internet site to check results for today, yesterday, as well as past results of Baba Ijebu Lotto.

We will be providing you with the following Baba Ijebu draws and results:

  • Baba Ijebu Pay Me My Dough
  • Baba Ijebu Gold Lotto
  • Baba Ijebu Premier Lotto
  • Baba Ijebu Diamond
  • Baba Ijebu Bingo Lotto
  • Baba Ijebu Fairchance
  • Baba Ijebu Peoples Lotto
  • Baba Ijebu MSP Lotto
  • Baba Ijebu Metro Lotto
  • Baba Ijebu International Lotto

Baba Ijebu Result Today, Sunday




30-07-2023 | 9:45 AM

Royal Lotto Result


30-07-2023 | 12:45 PM

Mark II Lotto Result


30-07-2023 | 3:45 PM

Enugu Lotto Result


30-07-2023 | 7:15 PM

Lucky Lotto Result


30-07-2023 | 10:45 PM

Tota Lotto Result


Baba Ijebu Result Yesterday, Saturday




29-07-2023 | 9:45 AM

King Lotto Result

49 17 58 10 57

29-07-2023 | 12:45 PM

Super Lotto Result

11 68 37 78 87

29-07-2023 | 3:45 PM

Club Master Lotto Result

41 60 15 34 72

29-07-2023 | 7:15 PM

National Lotto Result

50 88 72 43 3

29-07-2023 | 8:15 PM

06 Lotto Result

6 72 40 65 34

29-07-2023 | 10:45 PM

Fairchance Lotto Result

47 28 57 69 66

Baba Ijebu Past Results

We will constantly update this page with Baba Ijebu past results. Also, you can check for midweek results, jackpot super lotto, and gold lotto past results here.

We are currently in the process of uploading the results, so do well to stay tuned on this page as we will bring you the past results and also the most recent ones on this website.

Once we are done compiling the results for the past days and weeks, they will be published here. Presently, we make updates every day on the Baba Ijebu website and on this page on a daily basis. We’ll be sure to keep you posted on any new updates.

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