JAMB admission status 2024: How to check your admission on JAMB CAPS. In this article, you’ll learn about JAMB admission status, JAMB CAPS checker, How To Check Your JAMB Admission Status, What to do when you’ve been admitted or not. Let’s get right into it.

JAMB Admission Status 2024

After taking your JAMB Computer-based test and getting your scores, what comes next is the big deal… whether or not you’ve been admitted which is what’s called your JAMB admission status.

You should know that there are different phases of the JAMB admission process;

No admission has been given yet
Your admission is being processed
You have been offered provisional admission

The first means that you’ve not been admitted yet, but that you’re definitely on the waiting list. Second shows that there’s some progress on your JAMB profile and you’re being considered for admission.

Lastly, ‘you have been offered provisional admission…’ means you’ve made it to the ‘admitted’ list, but your admission is dependent on whether or not you’re able to meet your institution of choice’s admission requirements.

Meaning, ‘you’ve been admitted, but if you can’t meet up with all that your institution is asking you to do – POST-UTME, screening credentials, etc, the admission will be withdrawn or become invalid’.



Prospective students seeking to gain admission into Nigerian Universities’ undergraduate programs can monitor their admission status via the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS). This allows them easy access to check and know when they’ve been offered admission by their institution of choice.

With the JAMB CAPS Status checker, you can see if you’re not offered admission yet, your admission is being processed, or you’ve been offered provisional admission.

How to Check Your JAMB Admission Status 2024

Below are guidelines to check your JAMB admission status;

  • visit https://portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility/
  • Go ahead to log into your JAMB profile with your email address and password (the one you used during your registration)
  • After logging in, scroll down to where you see the “Check Admission Status” tab, click on it
  • Select your Exam year where requested
  • Supply your JAMB Registration number in the space required as well
  • Tap on “Check Admission Status” to access your admission status.

What to do if you Have Been Admitted

When your JAMB profile shows that you’ve been offered admission into your institution of choice, the next thing to do is to accept the admission.


Right where you see that you’ve been offered admission, you’ll see the options to ‘ACCEPT OR REJECT ADMISSION’, all you need to do is carefully click on ‘ACCEPT ADMISSION’, except you don’t want it anymore?

What to do if you Have not Been Admitted

If you’ve not been offered admission yet, what you can do is keep checking as they usually admit candidates in batches, so it is bound to take a while.

However, if you check out the number of candidates who applied for the same course as you in the same university, and also look at your JAMB score and realize that your chances of being admitted are slim, what you can do is go to where you did your registration, pay some money and apply for a change of course and institution for better chances of getting admitted.


By Grace Jide

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