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JAMB CAPS 2024 portal login. See how to login to JAMB CAPS via portal.jamb.gov.ng/efacility. If you’re curious and interested in knowing all you can about JAMB CAPS, in order to be able to follow up on your admission process, this is the article for you.


This article will cover what JAMB CAPS is all about, how it works, how to check your admission status as well as how to accept or reject the provisional admission offered to you on the JAMB CAPS.

Prior to the introduction of JAMB CAPS, JAMB’s only role in candidates getting into the University was in the Central Admission Examination (JAMB UTME) and admission letters while the different institutions were responsible for admitting students.

However, this process was questionable, dubious and unsatisfactory as many suitably qualified candidates were denied admission.

In trying to eliminate such occurrences in the future and ensure fair admission chances for all interested candidates, JAMB developed the JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS).

The JAMB CAPS was built in order to automate the admission procedure and reiterate the fact that JAMB is the major role player in the Nigerian Universities admissions process, thereby ensuring accountability, operational efficiency, transparency, and to extend admission opportunities to many candidates.

What is JAMB Central Admission Processing System (CAPS)?

JAMB CAPS is a digital platform created by the Ministry of Education via directives from the Federal Government to ensure that the process of admission of all Nigerian students is done within a controlled portal.


What this implies is that you can register for the JAMB examinations, check your admission status, accept or reject the provisional admission offered to you as well as make yourself available on the Marketplace if you don’t end up with your preferred choices of institutions

What Does Provisional Admission in JAMB CAPS Mean?

You might be wondering what it means to be offered Provisional admission in JAMB CAPS. Your answer is right below.

Provisional admission means that you have been offered admission but it is up to you to reject or accept the admission. Your JAMB profile gets taken off the Marketplace once you accept the admission, so think things through carefully before you decide to accept or reject the admission, as this will determine whether you remain on the JAMB Marketplace where other interested institutions can see you and offer you admission or not.

Once you reject the admission, your JAMB profile will be made available to other institutions whose admission requirements you have met so that they can offer you provisional admission.

How to Check Your Admission Status on JAMB CAPS

Below is a guide on how to check your admission status on JAMB CAPS

  • Search for the JAMB CAPS admission checking portal
  • Log in. Scroll down to check ‘CAPS UTME/DE Admission status’.
  • Your profile information will appear when you successfully log in to the JAMB CAPS portal.
  • Tap on ‘UTME/DE Admission’ to check your admission status.

If you have been offered admission and it’s from your preferred school, you can go ahead to click on ‘accept admission’ to show that you’re interested in the offer, if not click on ‘reject admission’.

NOTE: Do not click on ‘accept admission’ if the institution and course spaces are blank or you are yet to be offered admission.

Be sure to keep checking the JAMB CAPS because admission is in batching and yours might be sometime later.

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