Npower Redeployment Portal 2024/2025 | Apply for Npower PPA Redeployment Here

Npower redeployment portal 2024 is here. If you wish to change your Npower batch c stream 1 place of primary assignment, kindly follow the information on this page to learn how to log in to the portal and change your PPA.

Following the recent Npower deployment, a lot of beneficiaries have been asking if they can change their PPA. Yes, beneficiaries are allowed to change their place of primary assignment if it is not favourable.

It has been confirmed that applicants can now change their place of primary assignment. If you are among the beneficiaries who wish to change their PPA, kindly follow the step by step guide below.


How to Apply for Npower Reemployment 2024

You need to download and print out your deployment letter at the NASIMS portal, take it to your designated place of primary assignment and ask for rejection.

Now go to, login with your email and upload the rejected deployment letter.

Do you have any PPA you would like to be posted to? Kindly go to your desired PPA, get an acceptance letter and upload it with the rejected deployment letter and apply for redeployment

Required Information

Beneficiaries applying for deployment are expected to provide the following

  • Full name
  • Npower ID
  • Application email
  • Phone number
  • State of deployment
  • Local Government Area of your Place of Primary Assignment
  • Your Place of Primary Assignment.

Your NASIMS profile will be updated with your new PPA in 24-48hrs.

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