NYSC Graduation List 2024/2025 is Out | Check NYSC Verified Graduation List

NYSC graduation list 2024 is out. Follow the instructions given in this page to check your name in the NYSC graduation list for Batch A, B and C.

In today’s article I will be showing you step by step on how you can actually check your name on the nysc graduation list. If you are someone who is about to check your name and you don’t know how to go about it then this article is definitely for you and also we will be revealing to you all the vital information about the NYSC graduation list. So make sure you read the whole article to the very end for you to get the best results for yourself.

What Is the NYSC Graduation List ?

To get the full understanding about the NYSC list and how it works this graduation lists of all Nysc can be compared to a list which is like a master list and usually this list are always been submitted by different profound tertiary institutions that actually contains several names of all graduates that are all eligible to serve for 1 year mandatory for the NYSC (National Youth Service Court).

Like we said earlier you will be able to learn how you can check your name on the Nysc list. But to make things clear here you need to understand that the Nysc graduation is totally different from the Nysc senate lists.


But you will be able to know the differences between the Nysc graduation list and the Nysc Senate list. For every student that would want to serve they should always make sure and also ensure that their name appears both on the Senate list and the graduation list or else they won’t have the full privilege to register for the NYSC.

In short, the Nysc graduation list is literally the name or lists of graduates who are well privileged enough or eligible to actually take part or participate in the National services.

How To Check Name On NYSC Graduation List

Right now we will be explaining to you step by step how you can check your name on the NYSC graduation list.

Step 1 : The first thing you have to do is to visit the NYSC portal.

Step 2 : After clicking that you will be directed into the NYSC portal.

Step 3: The next thing you have to do is to navigate through and click on the view Graduation list and check.

Step 4 : After clicking on the View graduation list there will be a form that will pop up. You have to fill the form and lastly make sure you also click on the Extract PCM button for you to view all the list.

What Are The Difference Between Graduation List And Senate List

There are some differences between the Nysc Senate list and the graduation list.

For the NYSC graduation list it actually contains the name of all the students that are graduates but as for the NYSC Senate literally contains the name of all candidates that are eligible for the service.

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